Things FODMAPers Can Relate To

10 Things FODMAPers Can Relate To…

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A change from recipes today…

A little while after learning about the low-FODMAP diet I wrote the below, ’10 Things FODMAPers Can Relate To’. In case you missed it, and because the FODMAP diet is receiving more and more awareness all the time, I thought I’d share it once again.

So, if you’ve followed, or are currently following the diet, you may be able to relate to some or all of the below (and hopefully have a giggle at them too!)

10 Things FODMAPers Can Relate To:

1. Starting out on the diet, looking at the list of ‘no’ foods and wondering what on earth you CAN eat.

2. Furiously Googling ‘(insert food)… fodmap?’ into your phone at a supermarket, hoping it will be in the ‘yes’ list and doing a mini celebration upon realising it is!*
*Or instead using the Monash University Low-FODMAP App, which makes life easy!

3. Proudly producing a meal to others and saying “it’s low-FODMAP you know” – only to receive blank/”yeah, so what?” expressions.

4. Being asked what FODMAP stands for umpteen times, and responding with…”errr really long and complicated words – to do with fibres”.

5. Going to a restaurant and looking for the meal with least FODMAPs, only to end up opting for the meal with the most…somehow.

6. Be impressed by the ‘free-from’ aisle in the supermarket, only to realise that a large proportion of the gluten-free foods still contain bloomin’ FODMAPS – ARRRRRR!

7. Going for an all you can eat knowing full well you will regret it and not caring one bit (until afterwards…).

8. Seeing high-FODMAP foods as the enemy  *boooooo hissssss*

9. Becoming a food-version of ‘Mr/Ms Gadget’ carrying around weird and wonderful foods with you ‘just in case’.

10. Having a far happier tum/knowing your body much better since becoming a low-FODMAPer (hopefully…) and all the meal planning/change of lifestyle being completely worth it 

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