Things FODMAPers Can Relate To

Things FODMAPers Can Relate To…

Since my IBS diagnosis and following low fodmap, travelling can be quite tricky. You’re eating out a lot more, so high fodmap foods are bound to creep in. Normally it doesn’t affect me until a couple of days afterwards – I went to Berlin for a long weekend in December and was very ill when I got home – the fodmaps had accumulated. With a full-time job I can’t afford to let that happen, so my plan was to enjoy myself whilst minimising the risks. For all you non-fodmappers out there as well, this generally means I also try to eat as healthily as possible, as low fodmap is a very “clean” diet in general. So there are lots of tips here to make healthier choices too!


I always keep a handbag full of snacks, just in case there is nothing I can find to eat. My favourites are popcorn, rice cakes and nuts. That way I’ve got something to munch on.

Eating out

Sometimes, it can be tough, especially when you really fancy something at a restaurant but you know it’s got far too many fodmaps in. What makes it easier is that even if I’d enjoy it at the time, I know it’s just not worth the pain I’d be in afterwards/a few days later. For my health, it’s the best way to be, and I’m always reminded of that when I have a bad flare up.

  • Most restaurants are very flexible and will cater to your requests. Ask for an allergen menu – these allow you to check which foods contain gluten, lactose etc.
  • If you can’t remember if a food is low fodmap or not, the Monash University Low Fodmap diet App is a lifesaver. Get it here.
  • Pret is a great option for lunch – there are a few low fodmap options that are delicious! I also love their dark chocolate covered rice cakes!
  • If you fancy an alcoholic drink, stick to the low fodmap choices. You can find the drinks list on the app I mentioned above, or here.
  • Preparation is key – if you can, research potential restaurants before you go to make sure there are low fodmap options.

I don’t drink often at all (most of the time I’m just not bothered!), but did have a glass of wine, a gin cocktail with all low fodmap ingredients, and a whiskey at a whiskey tasting (when in Scotland…). All were delicious!


For most people, IBS can be triggered by stress. Easier said than done I know, but keep calm and try not to worry about it. It’s possible to do, people can be so flexible if you just ask.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

So far I haven’t had any flare-up symptoms, and had the most incredible time! I’ll post a few pictures below if you’re interested to see a bit of what I got up to and the food I ate!

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