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Stomach Issues Not to Ignore

6 Stomach Issues Symptoms Not to Ignore

We’ve all had stomach issues.  Whether it’s because we’ve eaten or drunk something that didn’t agree with us, we’ve all caught a stomach bug.   Rest, over-the-counter aids and some chicken broth can help but other stomach issues can be more severe.  Dr. Gina Sam Gastroenterologist with Mount Sinai in New York City and Associate Professor provides insights on symptoms indicative to common stomach conditions and advises when it’s

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Reasons to Improve Colon Health

I have a Squatty Potty at home and have to say it’s made a great difference for me and has made my trips to the bathroom much more pleasant.  I fully and very confidently endorse this product and would like to share this post from Kristin Struble, MD, FAAP, Author “How to be a Poop Detective.”  ~Colleen Poop Education – Top Five Reasons to Improve Health by Easily, Efficiently andSuccessfully Emptying

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