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I have a Squatty Potty at home and have to say it’s made a great difference for me and has made my trips to the bathroom much more pleasant.  I fully and very confidently endorse this product and would like to share this post from Kristin Struble, MD, FAAP, Author “How to be a Poop Detective.”  ~Colleen

Poop Education – Top Five Reasons to Improve Health by Easily, Efficiently and
Successfully Emptying Your Colon with a 
Squatty Potty

by Kristin Struble, MD, FAAP, Author “How to be a Poop Detective”

I am a mom, practicing Pediatrician and author from Phoenix, Arizona.  I recently released a children’s book, How to be a Poop Detective.  I highly recommend all humans squat when pooping just like toddlers instinctually do when they are eliminating in a pull-up.  This is how our bodies are constructed and meant to poop. Therefore, I am extremely confident in my endorsement of the Squatty Potty®.

Squatty Potty is one of the most ingenious inventions I have come across in my medical career.  Why?  Because we have a pooping-problem epidemic in this country and as a doctor, I am on the front line trying to teach families why and how to fix this. Entire aisles in stores are dedicated to a billion-dollar industry to unnaturally aid and assist our nations problematic pooping process with drugs. The Squatty Potty has been a miraculous addition to my crusade because it, like my book, offers a natural approach to help all Americans, big and small, poop easier. Squatty Potty and I have merged our happy-pooping mindset by modifying my book to create a Squatty Potty edition. In that, it displays the obvious reasons for our marriage.  I am proud and excited to part of the Squatty Potty family and to share my labor of love with you.

My calling, passion and motivation for writing How to be a Poop Detective, The Squatty Potty Edition stems from over fifteen years of practice where I have daily discussions with kids and families about dietary decisions which support a well-functioning digestive tract and how this relates to different health conditions. For this reason, I strongly believe that ‘poop education’ is an essential component of medicine and should be discussed on a routine basis. I regularly teach my patients and families that healthy poop indicates a healthy gut and thus, a healthier body. We also discuss how important it is to eliminate the “trash” in their “pipe” or colon daily.  We talk about how to detect foods and drinks that clog our pipes and those that help to move them along and show how these choices along with the Squatty Potty, create a happy and efficient elimination process.

How to be a Poop Detective, The Squatty Potty Edition helps to teach kids and parents all about what constitutes normal pooping. Many kids and parents are grateful for this education because they are unaware their bathroom experience isn’t what it should be.  It is important to learn the “5 S’s” of poop: Shape, Soft, Sink, Shade and Shoot. Through this exercise, the smiles, giggles and curiosity often transition to amazement as we come to learn that constipation is an unrealized issue and a key factor responsible for their various ill symptoms.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said, “all disease begins in the gut”. I know many patients, both past and current, who will attest to the fact that when simple dietary modifications were made and the “5 S’s” monitored, their children’s disease states improved or were alleviated completely. Their asthma went away, ear infections declined, eczema disappeared, constipation resolved, urinary tract infections stopped, acne cleared, heartburn reduced, chronic abdominal pain stopped, and many lost weight because of cutting calories from unhealthy dietary sources. When you combine my simple approach with the Squatty Potty, everyone’s poop literally shoots out with ease as it should. They become professional expert poop detectives.

Prevent constipation and have “the best poop of your life” with simple dietary modifications in addition to using the Squatty Potty!

To conclude, the top 5 reasons to improve health by emptying your colon easily and successfully with a Squatty Potty:

  1. An empty colon allows for better ability to empty your bladder. Yay! It makes both #1 and #2 easier.
  2. An empty colon means less chance of having a bellyache. Chronic abdominal is so commonly caused by a full and constipated colon. It is one of the most common reasons for kids and adults to seek medical care.
  3. An empty colon eliminates the worry of having to hold your poop if you have fear of going in public. This is a real problem for many kids going back to school.
  4. An empty colon eliminates the need for pharmaceutical stool softeners.
  5. An empty colon decreases the potential for bedwetting and wet underpants due to an overfull colon and therefore, an overflowing bladder. I have found it to be an important addition for many families to aid in the potty training process.

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