Bunless Burgers: Low-FODMAP Recipe

Beef (I did 250g for 4 burgers)
Three sprigs of fresh oregano, chopped finely
A sprig of sage, chopped finely
Five sprigs of lemon thyme, chopped finely
Sprinkle of Himalayan salt
Chia seed egg replacer (I added approx. two tablespoons of chia seeds and three tablespoons of water)
Lemon rind and juice
Half a zucchini, grated
Half a carrot, grated
An inch of fresh ginger, chopped (or teaspoon of ginger powder)
*Add a tablespoon of coconut aminos if you tolerate the garlic and onion powder in this sauce

Squish all the ingredients together and roll into balls. Add to a pan on low heat with a teaspoon of animal fat melted in the bottom.

Serve between two pieces of butter lettuce (or rainbow chard), spread mashed pumpkin over the burger, add slices of cucumber, smashed avocado.

Some other great ideas instead of bread buns are two portobello mushrooms, two slices of baked pumpkin or sweet potato, any kind of big lettuce leaf, seaweed nori sheets, fried eggs thinly into a “wrap”.

Or you could always just have it as a conventional burger with a gluten-free bun – the options are endless!

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