Low FODMAP Diet BBQ Guide

Low FODMAP Diet BBQ Guide

Are you going to a BBQ this week?  Here are some tips to help you through:

Low FODMAP Diet Meat

All meat is considered low in FODMAPs, unless the meat contains HIGH FODMAPs (ex: meatballs containing raisins or breadcrumbs – sausages can have breadcrumbs too).

Having hamburgers or hot dogs?  Buy some gluten-free Udi’s hamburger buns or hot dog buns and bring them with you to all your weekend events.

Low FODMAP Diet BBQ Sauces

These toppings for hamburgers and hot dogs are low in FODMAPs:

  • ketchup (see below),
  • mustard, chutney (1 tablespoon is LOW),
  • relish (1 tablespoon is LOW),
  • BBQ sauce (2 tablespoons – make sure it’s free of FODMAPs like onions and garlic),
  • cheddar cheese, colby cheese and swiss cheese (all 2 slices).

Here are the serving amounts for ketchup:

Ketchup – (USA)- 1 serve sweetened with sucrose OR sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (2 sachets, 0.90 ounces or 26 grams) is HIGH.  1 sachet, 0.45 ounces or 13 grams of either kind is LOW. Tomato sauce (AUS) 1/2 serve to 1 serve is LOW.  

Large quantities of tomato sauce (26 grams or 4 sachets) contain moderate amounts of Oligos-fructans, intake should be limited.

Bored of water?  Freeze some strawberries and mint into an ice cube tray and add to your water!

Sweet corn is OK if you stick to a 1/2 of a cob.

Need to bring a dish?  Try this delicious BLT and Avocado Quinoa Salad with Maple Vinaigrette by The Spicy RD!  *Scroll to the bottom for her notes on how to make it low-FODMAP.

Low FODMAP Diet Alcohol

Wanna have a drink?  Remember one drink for women and two drinks for men are the recommended safe limits.  You can enjoy some alcohol on the diet, so check out an older post of mine here to learn more.  Drink responsibly!

Make sure you check out my list of HIGH FODMAP Foods to Avoid and remember, if you end up having a food HIGH in FODMAPs, don’t beat yourself up about it, but don’t continue eating all HIGH FODMAP foods either.  Make note in your Food & Symptom Diary if you do experience any symptoms.  Do the best you can this weekend and focus on all the delicious LOW FODMAP foods life has to offer!


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