Low FodMap Thai BBQ Chicken Recipe

This has been one of our favourite chicken recipes for the BBQ for many years. It’s quick, simple and oh, so delicious…just the way it should be, even when going low FODMAP.

Thai BBQ Chicken FODMap Recipe 

This makes quite a generous serve of chicken, although we never seem to have trouble finishing it all off. However, you could freeze half of the marinated chicken for later, and you could even freeze the leftover coconut milk for next time.

I have tweaked it a bit to reduce the FODMAPs. I start by making a paste to marinate the chicken in. I quite like this part because I get my mortar and pestle out for a bit of pounding action; call it therapy if you like.

This paste uses the roots of fresh coriander. Sometimes you have to hunt around for a bunch of coriander that hasn’t had the roots removed but I usually find my local Asian grocer is reliable. The coriander roots and stems for that matter are so full of flavour and perfect in a paste. All they require is a good wash and to have the fine hairy bits trimmed off.

Also in the paste are dry spices, garlic infused oil a little sugar and chilli. Now you could use a fresh red chilli or two if you can handle them, but I often reach for my handy jar of Sambal Oeleck that’s in my fridge. Sambal Oeleck is a chilli paste with no onion, although check the ingredients listed on jars. I find ½ – 1 teaspoon is enough to add flavour without too much heat.

While the chicken is grilling on the barbeque it is basted with the smallest amount of coconut milk. It helps keep the chicken beautifully moist. I buy a very small can of coconut milk, 165ml I think, but only use half. Now, I know some of you don’t like using coconut milk or coconut products at all. The recently released edition 3 of “The Low FODMAP Diet” from Monash University recommends limiting dried shredded coconut to no more than ¼ cup per serve. Coconut milk is not mentioned specifically, but if you would like to read more please visit here.

If you really don’t want to use coconut milk you could try substituting evaporated milk.

The chicken is served with a sweet vinegar sauce which is made while the chicken is marinating. White vinegar is simmered with some sugar until it reduces and starts to caramelise. After cooling a little, a small clove of garlic and a little more Sambal Oeleck is stirred in. If you find even a small amount of garlic is a problem just leave it out.

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