Low FodMap Wheat-free Pasta Dough Recipe

I have been thinking about pasta a lot lately.

More specifically, I have been thinking about filled pasta…ravioli, cannelloni, even lasagne.  I used to make all kinds of filled pasta dishes.  Some of my favourites were giant shells filled with spinach and cheese, pumpkin and walnut filled ravioli with sage butter, and a Rotolo (a large sheet of pasta spread with fillings and rolled up like a Swiss roll).

Since going without wheat I have been mostly satisfied with the dry gluten-free pasta that I could buy at the supermarket.  There a plenty of those to choose from, including a few that have some quinoa or buckwheat to lift their nutritional value.  However, I have had a longing for fresh pasta that I could fill and shape like I used to.

I have had a bit of a search online and there are so many different recipes for wheat/gluten free pasta dough.  The question might be asked why I don’t just try one of those instead of trying to add to these.  Well, to answer, I was aiming to come up with a low fod recipe that I could mix up in a few different ways.  For example, if my pasta dish was going to be vegetarian I would like to add some quinoa flour for extra protein.  Or perhaps for a different flavour some buckwheat flour.  And of course, sometimes you just want regular plain pasta.

Low FodMap Wheat-free Pasta Dough Recipe

Flatten a portion of dough between your hands. Feed through the roller with the dial on the thickest setting. Fold the rolled dough in half, turn 90 degrees, and roll again. Do this a few times so that the piece of dough is shaped like a rectangle and has the same width as the rollers.

Begin to increase the dial to roll the dough thinner. To prevent tears in the dough as you roll, I have found that it helps to trim the edge that is fed into the roller with a knife after I have rolled through setting 1. If the dough’s shape has become a bit wonky you can roll, fold and turn 90 degrees as you did on the thickest setting to get it back into a rectangle.

I found that I only needed to roll up to setting 6; any more would have made the dough too thin and fragile.

Lay the rolled sheets on a bench lightly dusted with rice flour. If you are going to roll all the dough at once, keep the sheets covered with a cloth or cling wrap to prevent drying out. Alternatively, roll and fill or cut each portion in batches.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for your informative blog! I’m just wondering where the s tusk recipe is, for the pasta dough?! Maybe my links aren’t working. So bizarre…I’m dying to make this and would love to know how to. Thanks in advance 🙏

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