Mindful Eating for Sensitive Gut

Try Mindful Eating for Stressful Sensitive Gut

I’m sure you have heard about mindful eating.  But what is it?  How can it help you lose weight?  How can it help you savor the food you eat?

Simply put,  mindful eating is learning to pay attention. Instead of eating mindlessly, putting food into your mouth almost unconsciously, not really tasting the food you’re eating … you notice your thoughts, feelings, and sensations while eating your food.

Mindful eating is a habit that we develop, just like any other habit.  When I was growing up I ate as fast as I could because there was so much more to do than sit and eat.  As soon as we were done eating I helped with the dishes and went outside to play.  This eating pattern was a habit I developed into adulthood and continued to do until the past few years.

It’s difficult to slow down and enjoy a meal, especially when you have kids in soccer, hockey or any other sports.  You get home just in time to get the kids ready and out the door.  Or you have 2 or 3 kids and eating a hot meal seems like it will never be possible in this decade.  I fully understand.  Having 7 children and 2 of them were in competitive soccer, living out in the country and being a single parent had it’s challenges.  And slowing down long enough to enjoy even a hot cup of coffee was an exercise in futility.

 But I can’t express how important mindful eating is for weight lose, over all health, and the pure satisfaction of savoring the food you eat and what you drink.  Slowing down to eat and savor your food let’s your brain know in plenty of time that you are satisfied and you don’t need any more to eat.  Therefore, not over eating and consuming too many calories that we put on as excessive weight.  Just doing this one thing will help you lose weight.  At the end of this article there will be a report of 5 ways to lose weight without diet and exercise.  So read until the very end and sign up for the free report.

Eating is a natural, healthy and pleasurable activity for satisfying hunger.  But how many times do we wolf down our food quickly and go onto the next thing on our agenda?  Or read or your on the computer or send messages while eating.  I’m totally guilty at times, but there is a better way.

Why is mindful eating important for weight lose?  It slows down your eating.  Eating slowly allows your brain to signal when you are satisfied so you don’t over eat.  This is important so you don’t consume more calories than you need so weight gain won’t happen.

Here are some things that will help you enjoy your food a little bit more and create good habits for your children and grand children as well.

  1.  Allow enough time to sit and eat, uninterrupted at least one meal a day.  Look at your schedule and block out that time.  Whether it be breakfast, snack at the park on the way home, lunch at work outside.  Whatever you choose, think about what you are eating, the flavors, how satisfying the food is, the smell, the texture.  Notice everything about your food.  Keep your computer at work and shut off your phone when you are eating.  Pay attention to the food you are eating and enjoy your surroundings when you are done.
  2.  For busy hockey or soccer Mom’s, or just a Mom who is busy with life do some menu planning.  I will be doing a series on Menu Planning in the near future.  But if there is a possibility of having healthy meals and snacks pre-planned this makes healthy meals and time to enjoy the meals much easier.
  3. Shut off all electronics.  As my kids got older and even now I have to mindful of shutting off electronics and phones when we eat.  It stimulates conversation and you are more aware of the food you are eating.
  4. Consider playing some soft music when eating and lower the lights.  It slows your eating down.  Notice the music and the lighting when you go into a fast food restaurant.  Listen to how fast the music is and how bright the lighting is and also notice how fast you eat when you are there.  Go to a fine dining restaurant and listen to the music that plays.  Notice the lighting. The music is slow and the lighting is soft because they want you to stay longer and enjoy yourself.  It stimulates great conversation.  The same goes at home.

Just imagine eating this way and how enjoyable it is.  Your heart rate is lower, conversation flows and you are enjoying the food you are eating with your family.

I’m also not naive and think this will happen over night and that it is possible every meal of every day.  But incorporate at least one of these this week.  Try shutting off electronics at meal time and have them in a drawer or another room until dinner is finished.  Have conversation starters to engage everyone at the table.  It gets easier as the a new habit is formed and don’t be surprised if some complain during the process.  But keep strong and make your eating experience be mindful and you will enjoy your food a whole lot more.

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