Low-FODMAP Diet Fast Food

Low FODMAP Diet Fast Food Choices

Many of us have probably wondered what are the healthiest fast food choices available; since we probably cannot completely avoid fast food in today’s lifestyle. In a world where everything moves fast and there are demands for our time; food is usually taken on the go or through the drive-through of a fast food restaurant. Nonetheless, we all know that fast food is not the greatest for our long-term health. We have also heard the warnings about unhealthy fats and high calorie food items that exist at some of these establishments. However, several fast food chains are thriving during these difficult times.

It should come as a relief that a few global medical and health organizations have tested and evaluated the options of fast food chains. Their goal was to identify which products are actually healthy or at the very least, healthier. Also, their scrutiny of these chains has helped in the availability of healthier alternatives. Likewise, below are some of the healthiest food choices at some of the most popular restaurants.

Healthiest Fast Food Choices – Mcdonalds

The healthiest fast food choices include the 4 piece Chicken McNuggets, Sausage Burrito, and the McDonald’s Hamburger. The 3.5 oz hamburger contains 250 calories, 31 grams of carbohydrates, and 9 grams of fat. The sausage burrito contains 300 calories, 6 grams of fat, and 26 grams of carbohydrates. The Chicken McNuggets have 190 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 12 grams of carbohydrates. In addition, you could order one of the McDonald’s salads to go with these items; opting for the healthier yogurt or balsamic vinaigrette dressings.

Healthiest Fast Food Choices – KFC

KFC actually has some surprisingly light offerings. For instance, you might try the mashed potatoes with gravy or better yet the green beans which is a healthier alternative. If you like chicken, order the grill alternatives instead of the fried options made with the original recipe. For sides, you could always go for the healthy cole slaw, other vegetable options, and skip the biscuit. Instead of drinking juice or soda, opt for water.

Healthiest Fast Food Choices – Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut may not be the healthiest of fast food choices since establishments like Subway exist. However, Pizza Hut has a few healthy options such as its 220 calories/slice Veggie Lover’s Hand-Tossed Pizza offering. An even better option is the Fit ‘N Delicious (with diced lean chicken, red onions, and green peppers), which has less cheese and probably requires at least 2 slices (around 350 calories in total) for you to feel full. If you happen to eat at this restaurant, try to minimize eating too much crust, consumption of cheese, and red meat.

The healthiest fast food choices could be identified without seeking advice from experts regarding the calorie and nutritional value rundown of fast food menus. All you need to do is select the healthiest options and view the nutritional facts at the establishments’ websites. Then make wise decisions such as selecting baked instead of mashed potatoes, vegetables and fruit instead of sugar-filled items, brown- instead of white rice, and grilled- instead of fried meat.
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