is chocolate low fodmap

Is Chocolate Low-FODMAP?

Today I will try and answer the all-important question that everyone starting out with the low-FODMAP diet asks:

Is chocolate FODMAP friendly?

I avoided writing about this for a while, simply because the information out there was so contradictory.

Now, however, the MONASH University (leading experts in IBS and the low-FODMAP diet) have released an update on the FODMAP content of chocolate.

Basically, chocolate is technically low-FODMAP and fine in small quantities as long as you aren’t lactose intolerant. Dark chocolate and raw cacao powder are often suggested as low-FODMAP substitutes for those of us who regularly crave the milky stuff.

A ‘small quantity’ in this case is defined as 30 grams or 1 ounce (about 5 squares of a chocolate bar).

The MONASH website also states that people following the low-FODMAP diet should “avoid large serves of chocolate” as it is “high in fat and, when consumed in excess, can affect gut motility and may trigger symptoms”.

In addition, we should also avoid carob chocolate, as carob powder contains a much higher level of oligos (fructans) than cocoa powder.

Here are the guidelines set out by MONASH:

  • Okay: Dark chocolate – 1 serving = 5 squares or 30g
  • Medium risk (test): Milk chocolate – 1 serving = 5 squares or 30g (Lactose is the FODMAP)
  • Medium risk (test): White chocolate – 1 serving = 5 squares or 30g (Lactose is the FODMAP)

So, if you know you are lactose intolerant, it’s best to stay away from milk and white chocolate entirely, but a couple of squares of dark chocolate may not hurt. For less sensitive individuals who don’t have full-blown lactose intolerance, a 30g serving of chocolate should be okay.

*As always, I am not a doctor, dietician or nutrition expert. This blog aims to provide information to help you with your low-FODMAP journey, but if you have any questions or concerns about your health, please see a doctor immediately.

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