Sugars & Sweeteners on Low FODMAP DIET

Low FODMAP Sugars List

Beet Sugar (Low FODMAP)

This sugar comes from sugar beet plants and it is one of the most common sources of table sugar

Beet sugar consists of 99.5% sucrose and is considered low FODMAP.

Brown Sugar (Low FODMAP)

Brown sugar is made by adding molasses to refined white sugar, or by leaving the molasses intact when refining sugar crystals. According to Monash University research one tablespoon of brown sugar is considered low FODMAP

Cane Sugar (Low FODMAP)

Cane sugar is produced from sugar cane and is the other most common source of white sugar

Dextrose (Low FODMAP)

Dextrose is a form of crystalline glucose, which is produced from starch. As dextrose is made from glucose it is considered low FODMAP.

Fruit sugar (High FODMAP)

Fruit sugar is often another sneaky name for fructose. We recommend avoiding any product that has fruit sugar listed as an ingredient.

Fructose (High FODMAP)

Any ingredients that state ‘fructose’ whether it be fructose isolate, fructose, fructose syrup, crystalline fructose, or fructose sugar should be avoided as these ingredients will contain excess fructose.

Agave syrup (High FODMAP)

Agave nectar is a sweetener commercially produced from several species of agave. Agave syrup is incredibly high in excess fructose and according to Monash University it is high FODMAP in serving sizes larger than 1 teaspoon

High Fructose Corn Syrup (High FODMAP)

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is cheap to make, which is why food manufacturers use it extensively in processed food to help give it flavour. HFCS is fructose-enriched syrup that has been blended with dextrose syrups. HFCS is High FODMAP.

Honey (High FODMAP)

Honey consists of a mixture of sugars collected by bees from plant nectar

Molasses (High FODMAP)

Molasses is high FODMAP.

Low FODMAP Sweeteners List

Aspartame (NA)

Aspartame is known by the brand names of Equal, NutraSweet and Sugar Twin. Because aspartame is made from amino acids not carbohydrates, it is unlikely to be high FODMAP.

Polyols (High FODMAP)

Mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol, and isomalt are all high FODMAP sugar alcohols.

Saccharin (Low FODMAP)

If used in high enough concentrations saccharin has a bitter aftertaste. It is sold under the brands Sweet ‘N Low, Sweet Twin and Necta Sweet. In some cases, saccharin can cause an allergic reaction resulting in symptoms such as headaches, skin problems, diarrhoea, and breathing difficulties. Saccharin is currently considered a low FODMAP sweetener.

Stevia (Low FODMAP)

Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener that is extracted from the leaves of Stevia. Avoid stevia blends that contain inulin. The low FODMAP serve for stevia is 2 sachets or 2 grams.

Sucralose (NA)

Sucralose is a calorie-free sweetener that sweeter than sugar. Sucralose is untested and not listed as high FODMAP at this stage, however there is evidence to suggest that sucralose could have a negative impact on gut bacteria. We suggest discussing the use of sucralose with your health care provider or dietitian.

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