When starting the low FODMAP way of eating I was quite narrow-minded about the situation, expecting that by cutting out this long list of food I would be completely cured. This, however, has turned out to be only part of the solution to years of tummy troubles.

Over the last few months with much trial and error, and really trying to tune in to my bodies needs I wanted to share with you some of my tips that you could try. Everyone is unique and these may not work for you, but hey it might be worth a shot!

Get moving

Everybody knows that exercise is good for you for a multitude of reasons, and it seems aiding IBS is one of them. I’m not a medical professional able to explain exactly why it helps (have a look at articles like this one from Everyday Health).

From personal experience, getting into a good routine of working out has a strong correlation with happier digestion, as well as feeling amazing with all of those endorphins!

Banish stress

Following on nicely from the previous point, as exercise helps alleviate stress, which is well known for aggravating IBS symptoms. Stress for myself manifests with several physical symptoms, one of which being digestive issues. It’s important to deal with those issues which are causing you to worry or stress out, and to find effective methods to prevent stress from creeping up on you.

Some example of what I do are:

  • Going out for a run after work, followed by yoga stretches.
  • Walking the dog
  • Spending quality time with the people I love
  • Planning my week in advance and making to-do lists
  • Reading a good book
  • Talk through with someone the issues which are bothering me
  • Read/ watch/ listen to motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins
  • Finding time to just chill out and refocus my perspective

Change the way you eat

You may find it beneficial to be more mindful of the way you are eating. This includes chewing food well and not eating too quickly. I also find that eating smaller portions throughout the day as opposed to 3 large platefuls really helps.

Avoiding eating too much rich food in one sitting is also very helpful.

Alcohol Symptoms

Alcohol can irritate the gut and exacerbate IBS symptoms. Next time you drink alcohol lookout for any issues and as much as it sucks, it may be a good idea to cut it out/ cut down on alcoholic drinks.

The same can be true for caffeinated drinks, such as coffee.

Stay hydrated

The solution to any health issue, drinking plenty of water. Staying hydrated is so important in keeping your body healthy and functioning properly.

Personally I find it helpful to not drink during meals.

So these are just a few tips I use alongside the low FODMAP diet to keep my stomach happy. I will make a quick disclaimer though; Let’s face it, nobody is perfect and I’m not saying I never drink alcohol or get stressed over small things. Life is a work in progress after all!

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