Low Fodmap Crumpets Recipe

This weekend has seen many celebrations in London marking Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.  There was quite a line-up of entertainers at Buckingham Palace for the Jubilee concert, including Australia’s own Kylie, Rolf Harris, Gurrumul, and many others from all over the Commonwealth.

British cuisine offers many delicious dishes and I decided to give one of my favourites a low FODMAP makeover…CRUMPETS.

Low Fod Map Crumpets Recipe

Often eaten for breakfast or as a tea-time treat, crumpets are made with a yeasted batter that is cooked in a lightly greased pan on the stove.  The addition of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) helps to create the characteristic air bubbles.

Speciality crumpet rings are available but I found these nifty egg rings did the job perfectly.

The crumpets cook slowly over a low heat until the bottoms are a deep golden and the tops are set.  The rings are removed and the crumpets are flipped over to cook the top until lightly golden.  I like to pop them into a toaster before serving with a little butter and jam.  If you have any left I suggest you store them in the fridge in an airtight container or freeze for later.

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