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IBS Sufferer Creates New App for Dating | Low FODMAP Diet by FODMAP Life

Gutsy Dating App

There’s a new dating app called Gutsy Dating for sufferers of IBS, Celiac Disease, and all digestive health issues.  I interviewed fellow IBS sufferer, Phil Beesley.  He resides in the U.K. and created the app out of his own frustrations of having IBS and trying to socialize and date.  Learn more about Phil and his app in our interview below.

Colleen Francioli: What prompted you to create this app?

phil beesley gutsy dating app

Phil Beesley

Phil Beesley: The app was an idea I had about three years ago when I was discussing IBS and dating with a couple of my friends. We talked about how difficult they found it to not only find someone who understands your symptoms but also going on an actual date. Someone then mentioned that it would be great if there was some kind of dating app or website that could help. Not knowing much about app building I started to do a little research. At first, I thought it may be too difficult as app developers wanted to charge extortionate amounts to build the app. It wasn’t until about 2 years later that I came across a company with a great idea for dating apps. It was by luck that the Founder was on Dragons Den (Shark Tank, USA) the night I decided to watch the programme. I decided to call the company the next day to discuss my idea, and the rest, as they say, is history!


Colleen: Why do you want to make a difference in the lives of those with digestive disorders and diseases who are trying to date?

Phil: Being an IBS sufferer myself for almost 18 years I know how difficult it is to try and live a normal life. Socialising is difficult at best! Dating is much worst! How do you divulge this info on a date?  What if you unwillingly eat something that makes you feel uncomfortable and you end up rushing to the restroom 3 or 4 times. Not to mention the stresses that dating itself brings.

I began to join IBS support groups on social media about two years ago. A recurring topic was getting the most interaction. Dating! Stories of people dating, horrific dating stories, people just too afraid to date and people with partners who didn’t understand their condition, to the extent that some people were being, for want of a better word, dumped! It was really upsetting to see so many people struggle to cope with the stresses of dating and finding someone who understands. There was much chat about a dating app for sufferers and why there was nothing like it in the market. This suddenly made my idea more plausible and the research intensified!



Colleen: Are there any apps out there presently like yours, and if so, why is yours better?

Phil: There are no dating apps currently available for people who suffer from digestive issues so there was definitely a gap in the market. I developed Gutsy Dating out of necessity, the necessity for people to find someone who will understand them from day one.

Colleen: What is your favorite feature of the app?

Phil: My favourite feature about the Gutsy Dating app would be the fact that users can feel comfortable talking and chatting to potential matches that completely understand them and their requirements. This takes the stresses of organising that first date away completely!

Colleen: What is your personal story in connection with digestive health?

Phil: My personal journey with IBS began in the year 2000 when I was medically diagnosed after several intrusive tests, doctor and hospital visits over the course of the year. The first 10 years after being diagnosed had been extremely difficult. But research in to supplements and diets have eased the suffering somewhat. Now I just need to control my stress levels more!

The app was launched December 2017 and is available in the App & Android stores. The desktop site is www.gutsy.dating
Check out Gutsy Dating on Facebook and @Gutsydating on Instagram & Twitter


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Colleen Francioli, CNC, Author, Founder of FODMAPLife.com