Low Fodmap Diet Weetbix Recipe

Have you see the Gluten Free Weetbix on your supermarket shelves yet? They are a great addition to your breakfast options, but they also make a handy ingredient for all sorts of recipes. There a few recipes using Weetbix on the Sanitarium website, but I wanted to have a go at a Weetbix slice I had tried many years ago before going low FODMAP.

This is one of those melt and mix recipes that takes little time to prepare. I think it’s also a great recipe to make the day before, as it does improve in taste and texture over time. I referred to this tried and tested Australian Women’s Weekly recipe. To make the icing I used only 100g of chocolate and 40g butter; I didn’t have any cream, and I found this quantity to be quite enough to cover the slice.

For another option I also tried this ginger version I found at Sanitarium’s New Zealand site. The slice mixture seemed a bit dry and crumbly, so I added an egg to bind it together.

I cut the chocolate slice into 25 squares and the ginger one into 30 squares. They are on the rich side so most people find 1 piece satisfying. You could try reducing the amount of sugar in these recipes, but I think if you can stick to enjoying 1 square at a time the recipes work well as they are.

Note: I realised I had forgotten to mention what I used in place of the regular wheat flour in both of these recipes; sorry about that!  I substituted the same quantity of a commercial gluten free flour mix that I had in my pantry.  I usually mix my own flour blends, but on this occasion I went for the quick and easy option.  I’m sure you could have success playing around with a blend of flours as you prefer, or even use spelt if you tolerate it although, the slice will not be gluten free.

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