Low FODMAP DIET Handrolls Recipe

I’m always on the hunt for different low FODMAP ideas for what to include in our family’s lunchboxes.  The kitchen bench is usually a bit of a production line in the morning, cutting sandwiches, preparing snacks, and chopping fruit to keep everyone going during their day ahead.  And as great as sandwiches are, it is nice to have something different now and then.

Late last year I grabbed a few ingredients at the supermarket to make handrolls at home.  It seems I did that a bit too late into the year and didn’t get around to making them until after our summer break and school started back!  With so many sushi bars around these days handrolls are often an easy low FODMAP snack or lunch to grab when we’re out an about although, when there’s a few hungry mouths, they’re not an inexpensive option.  For a fraction of the price I was able to buy a packet of nori, sushi rice and a bottle of rice vinegar which would last a few handroll-making sessions.

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert at making these “Japanese sandwiches”; sometimes they turn out a bit loose or kinda bumpy.  I don’t even worry about using authentic fillings.  To start though, I do use the right rice.  This short-grained rice, labelled as sushi rice, sticks together well without being too starchy.  After it is cooked, some rice vinegar is folded through to give it a nice flavour, and then the rice is spread out onto a large plate to cool.  Don’t be tempted to put the rice in the fridge or else it will lose some of its’ stickiness.

When the rice is cool, set a bowl of water at the ready with your sheets of nori.  Wet your hands well to stop the rice sticking to them.  Divide the rice amongst the nori and press it out to cover the sheets, leaving a 2cm border at one end.

As you can see from my platter of fillings, my handrolls really are ricey versions of a sandwich.  Cold ham, tuna and chicken, grated carrot, cucumber sticks, lettuce and mayonnaise.  I would also like to try adding omelette into the mix some time.

I start by spreading a line of mayonnaise about 2cm in from the edge, and then simply arrange the rest of the fillings on top.

Now it’s time to roll.  Try to keep it as tight as possible, without causing the nori to tear.  You can purchase bamboo mats to help with the rolling; I still haven’t found mine since moving house!  Cling wrap might also do the job.  Dampen the edge of nori with no rice with water so that it sticks down on the roll.  Sit it seam down to set.

The last step is to cut each roll into portions.  I usually cut them in half or thirds and pack two or three per person for lunch.  Of course small bites would work well as part of a spread for a larger gathering.

What have you been packing for lunch lately?

Low Fodmap Lunchbox Handrolls


  • 2 cups sushi rice
  • 2 ½ cups water
  • 2 tablespoons rice vinegar
  • 4 nori seaweed sheets
  • mayonnaise and fillings of your choice
  • say sauce to serve


  1. Cook the rice with water either in a covered saucepan, microwave, steamer or rice cooker as you prefer, until the rice is tender and water is absorbed.
  2. Gently stir through the vinegar without crushing the rice, then spread onto a large plate to cool.
  3. Using wet hands, divide the cold rice amongst the nori sheets.
  4. Gently press the rice out over each sheet, leaving a 2cm border along one edge, wetting hands as you need to prevent the rice sticking.
  5. Spread a line of mayonnaise 2cm in from the edge of the rice on each sheet.
  6. Arrange your chosen fillings on top.
  7. Roll the nori away from you, wetting the far edge to seal.
  8. Slice into your desired sizes and serve with soy sauce.
Low FODMAP Lunchbox Handrolls Recipe
Low FODMAP Lunchbox Handrolls Recipe

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