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Gluten-Free and Low-FODMAP Bread Varieties in Australia | Low FODMAP Diet by FODMAP Life
DEEK'S Quinoa Loaf

DEEK’S Quinoa Loaf


This post was written back in 2015 when no certified low-FODMAP bread existed. At that time, I had asked a few Australians which gluten-free and wheat-free bread they liked. As the low-FODMAP diet changes and more brands are becoming certified low-FODMAP, I will be updating posts to reflect those changes and keep you the consumer in the loop!

The list below (scroll down) under where it says OLD POST – includes the Australians choices in 2015 but they are not certified low-FODMAP. I will still keep the old information below in place for those who have finished all phases of the low-FODMAP diet, who know their FODMAP threshold and can handle the only high-FODMAP in question in some of the bread listed, which is: soy flour. The FODMAP friendly program gave 50 grams of soy flour a FAIL rating.

Alpine Breads

To update my post, here are the certified low-FODMAP bread products that you can buy in Australia. The following have been certified low-FODMAP by the FODMAP Friendly Program.

Certified low-FODMAP bread brands you can buy now in Australia

Alpine Breads – “Our bread is produced by a slow sourdough fermentation process that has been in our family since the early 1930s. This processing reduces the levels of FODMAPs (specifically fructans) because the fructans are used by the yeasts and lactobacilli during fermentation. The grains in our bread have also been sprouted which people find easier to digest”. Spelt & Barley, Spelt & Sprouted Grains, Sour Rye.

Bakers DelightWhole Grain Low-FODMAP Loaf. Bakers Delight can be found in more than 700 locations across Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

Genius Gluten Free – pita bread, crumpets, soft rolls and sandwich loaves.

Genius is one of best low-FODMAP bread products you can buy in Australia

Purebred – buns, bagels, seeded rolls, loaves and sandwich rolls.

Purebred is a low-FODMAP bread brand in Australia

The following have been certified low-FODMAP by Monash:

Bodhi’s Bakehouse – Spelt 2 (Spelt sourdough bread).Spelt 2 is a Low-FODMAP bread in Australia certified by the Monash University

Brumby’s Quinoa & Linseed LOW FODMAP Loaf.

Low-FODMAP bread products certified by Monash University.


Naturis’ Low Fodmap Wholemeal Spelt Bread, Low Fodmap Wholemeal Spelt Chia & Sunflower Seeds.

Schär – Gluten-Free Pizza Base.

Schär Gluten-Free Pizza Base is a low-FODMAP certified bread product

OLD POST – (***If you have not read the first paragraph of this post, please do so before reading this older post).

Here in the U.S., it seems as though we have plenty more to choose from when it comes to foods that are wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free – free of many things! So when I heard some of our FODMAP Life fans in Australia say they were having trouble finding some decent brands of wheat free, gluten free breads, I started asking around.

Here is what I found – click on the links for more information about where to buy and find these breads.

If you are an Aussie reading this, I’d love your comments below for any additional brands that you like. Thanks!

Naturis Organic Rice Loaf – Ingredients: Whole brown rice, rice flour, rice leaven, cold pressed sunflower oil, sea salt and purified water added. Free of: Gluten, wheat, yeast sugar and dairy.

Healthybake Organic Gluten Free Bread – Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Flour, Filtered Water, Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch, Olive Oil, Vegetable Gum (E464), Organic Soy Flour, Yeast, Sea Salt.

Deek’s Quinoa Loaf – water, tapioca, quinoa (21%), soy flour, sunflower oil, vinegar, yeast, sugar (to activate the yeast), salt, guar gum.  Free of: Gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, nuts, artificial flavors. Fructose friendly. 🙂

Zehnder Wholemeal BreadI had to reach out to them to get the ingredients as I couldn’t find it on their website. Ingredients: Water, Modified Tapioca Starch, Rice Bran, Whole Rice Flour, Maize Starch, Tapioca Starch, Whole Soy Flour, Canola Oil, Glucona Delta Lactone, Bicarbonate Soda, Linseed Meal, Sugar, Dry Yeast, Salt, Cellulose (464), Xanthan Gum (415), Guar Gum (412).  Free of gluten, dairy, yeast, soy, corn and eggs.  May Be Present: Sesame.


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