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Onion and Garlic Replacements for the low-FODMAP diet! | Low FODMAP Diet by FODMAP Life

Onions and garlic definitely seem to be one of THE hardest things for everyone to live without OR to live without accidentally eating in your next meal. Many of you are not aware of Asafoetida or asafetida powder. This can be used in place of onions, and it’s very strong so use it sparingly.

Sauté Garlic or Onion

You can sauté garlic or onion in oil in a pan to impart the flavors into any dish.  Simply add garlic or onion to a pan with oil and sauté for a couple minutes.  Be sure to remove garlic or onion from the pan before adding in the rest of the ingredients.  This works because FODMAPs are not soluble in oil, so the FODMAPs will not leech out into the oil.

What is Asafoetida Powder?-Asafoetida low fodmap diet

Asafoetida powder, which is also known as Hing, is used in a wide variety of Indian dishes.  It’s derived from a species of giant fennel, and has a very unique and pungent smell and flavor. In Indian cooking, it’s used often times with legumes and vegetable dishes like those that use cauliflower. Cooking mellows out this spice, and you’ll think you’re tasting onion and/or garlic.  Make sure you buy a wheat-free version.  The brand at right contains wheat.

Here is where you can buy wheat-free, gluten-free versions:

One more health tip – Asafoetida is said to reduce the growth of indigenous microflora in the gut, thereby reducing flatulence! (see sources below).

Try Garlic-Infused Oilgarlic

The other item you can use (if you miss garlic like me!) is garlic-infused oil. I wrote a post on it some time ago listing a couple delicious brands.  Read the post here.

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