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What’s New: Spoonful Eats Low-FODMAP App | Low FODMAP Diet by FODMAP Life

There’s a new app in town and it’s pretty exciting! It can be pretty daunting going grocery shopping for the low-FODMAP diet. On a bright note, this new app (I’ll share more below) might just be the ticket to making shopping for food MUCH easier.

When grocery shopping for low-FODMAP foods, you have to pick up every can, box, and package and scan the ingredients carefully with your EYES PEELED to avoid high-FODMAPs.

Label reading for the low-FODMAP diet is like a sport. Only the experienced can read labels faster and decipher which goods and products are low or high-FODMAP.

It’s not universally known that things like chicory root and inulin, high fructose corn syrup and garlic powder (to name just a few) are high in FODMAPs. A novice may know these things but not a beginner.

Experienced or not, who can spend all day in the grocery store reading labels? I used to tell everyone to add an extra HOUR on to their grocery store trip to get acquainted with reading labels for the food products they hoped to buy. Not everyone wants to buy plain rice cakes and plain popcorn. Why not other snacks or food products?

Well now, it’s a different story. Over the years, many of my followers have asked if an app like this for the low-FODMAP diet existed. “Scan a label to get instant feedback on the fodmap content of your product.” Yup, it exists, now! The Spoonful – Low Fodmap Scanner app just launched in October… and it’s FREE! You can download it here.

spoonful fodmap app

It’s available for iOS and Android, USA only. (UK, ANZ, CAN coming in Jan/Feb). The app gives instant feedback on the FODMAP content of food products by analyzing the ingredients. After scanning a label, Spoonful will call out any ingredients that contain high or moderate FODMAPs. Tap on an ingredient to learn more about its FODMAP content and get substitution advice from our dietitian experts.

You can even build your low-FODMAP shopping list. Search the home feed to see what the rest of the community is scanning. See something you like? Add it to your favorites and pick it up next time you shop!

Deepa Krishnan CEO

The founders, Deepa Krishnan and Sam Laber have both used elimination diets to cope with health conditions (Sam – Tourette’s Syndrome, Deepa – heart & lung conditions), so this is near and dear to their hearts!

So download the app today and let me know what you think! I’ll gladly share your feedback with Deepa and Sam.

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Be good to yourself and your gut!

Colleen Francioli

Certified Nutritionist Consultant

Founder FODMAP Life