December 20, 2013

So I haven’t been able to eat or drink since last night and I’m at UCSD’s gastroenterology department. What’s on the TV? Dozens of food commercials. The latest being a sultry woman’s voice talking about cookies covered in “riiiich dark chohhhhclate.” Ha! I’ll be fine but this is torture! 😉

Today I’ll be taking a breath test. I will drink something, then burp into a blue bag a few times over a period of three hours. They will measure the type of and amount of gas coming through to see if I’m intolerant to fructose. I have done research and found that this type of test is not fool-proof so I may not know what to do about my diet! I’ll work with my doctor after and see what he says. The next test is in January for lactose.  Just hoping for answers!


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