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I Survived the Weekend on the FODMAP diet! | Low FODMAP Diet by FODMAP Life

Well, that’s not entirely true!  This is an honest blog after all!

IMG_96392I did have some beer (which is low-FODMAP but for me, I always tend to get bloated if I have more than one glass) .  I was invited to the Tour de Fat Tire Beer Fest of all things.  It was a beautiful day, full of cyclists with strange costumes, circus acts, my wonderful friends and $5 beers.  I did fine and I think it’s because I had a small cup.  I have noticed in the past that having a pint or more definitely brings on a lot of symptoms and headaches.  In general, when it comes to alcohol, less is always better, and especially when followed up with water.

After the festival, my friends asked me where I wanted to go and eat.  My limited diet made its way into the conversation, though I usually try not to bring it up at all and just pick my way through the menu or my plate.  However, my friend’s husband loves heavy foods so I had to speak up.  They said the place they wanted to go had salads (but not the kind of salads that a salad lover like me would like).  I didn’t want to put a damper on the party so I said “no problem.”  Guess what -it worked out in the end for me!  As I was walking to my car, the text came through “ughhh there’s no parking by The Station.  See you at URBN?”  So I met them at URBN and had a small salad with grilled chicken and walnuts and asked them to put the dressing on the side and hold the pears which are ALERT – HIGH FODMAP.

US-Shreds-Pepperjack_0What about the rest of the weekend?  I worked out everyday.  I stretched. Drank lots of water.  I ate carrots and celery for snacks, drank coffee when I needed it, but had it decaf.  Before the fest, on Saturday I went for a run and then had my favorite unflavored protein shake by Jay Robb Non-GMO Egg White Protein powder.  This company is based in the same town as me – pretty cool!

On Sunday for breakfast I had a Rudi’s gluten-free spinach wrap with egg whites and dairy-free, soy-free cheese (and gluten-free) by Daiya (love this brand) and a chicken burger with spinach quinoa for Sunday dinner.

Since I have been (mostly) adhering to the low-FODMAP diet, I have been feeling very good.  I am human and might not follow this diet 100% and I feel if you can handle a little beer, wine or spirits here and there, you’re human too!  It does take patience to follow the diet, plus a lot of knowledge of what is or is not a low-FODMAP food.  It’s too bad how many recipes in my favorite magazines or even pre-made healthy foods at my local health food market have HIGH FODMAP foods, but I think there will be more products available to our small group of friends (hmm…only about 55,000,000 IBS sufferers in the U.S.) soon enough.

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