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Primal Pit Paste Review and Giveaway! | Low FODMAP Diet by FODMAP Life

primal pit pasteOn FODMAP Life I talk about different natural foods and food products that are safer for us to eat.  We can’t forget about what we put on our skin, in our hair or on our nails.  That’s why I am slowly making the transition to KNOCK OUT the products on my shelves that have harmful chemicals and/or synthetic ingredients.  What’s my new go-to everyday product?

Ever since I tried a sample of Primal Pit Paste at Expo East last year I have been hooked!  It’s totally changed my view of deodorants.  I know there has been a lot of research about the correlation of breast cancer to the use of antiperspirants.

What’s the Deal with Aluminum?

Aluminum is a common ingredient in deodorant and antiperspirants, and is often linked to Alzheimer’s and brain disorders. It also poses a possible risk factor in breast cancer.  Aluminum compounds or aluminum salts, such as aluminum oxide (Al2O3), are key ingredients in almost every antiperspirant. They are powerful astringents that close pores, stopping sweat and odor from escaping the body. Antiperspirants may leave the outside of the body smelling fresh and clean – but inside, the toxins that would have escaped the body in the sweat have nowhere to go. For this reason, antiperspirants have been linked to problems with the sweat glands and lymph glands in and around the underarms. (source: Victoria Anisman-Reiner).

fodmap life primal pit pasteBack in the Day & Now

Back in the early 2000s I had tried other natural deodorants and they did not work very well – at all.  Not enough to convince me to stop using the regular junk on the shelves at drug stores.  Then I took Primal Pit Paste Sticks for a real test-drive.  I went to the sweltering hot temperatures of Nicaragua to photograph my husband surfing in April.  I was using Primal Pit Paste in Thyme & Lemongrass and left the beaches smelling fabulous.  Next stop was Hawaii in May for my birthday, and still I frolicked on land and sea and felt confident and pretty as Primal Pit Paste in Lavender guarded my pits. Then I went to an entrepreneurial event called  Awesomeness Fest in Thailand for a few weeks and tried both scents again in weather that was humid, hot or sometimes came with rainfall – still no complaints.  I felt better knowing that I was using a safe, natural product in an area that is so close to my precious boobies!

The Scoop

  • Primal Pit Paste is a truly organic, all-natural deodorant that ACTUALLY WORKS!
  • Primal Pit Paste is available in Regular, light, Strong and Kids varieties. My favorites are the Primal Pit Paste Sticks in Thyme & Lemongrass, Lavender and Jasmine.  You can SHOP for them here.amy cazin
  • Founder Amy Cazin’s turned her passion of concern and love into finding a way to protect her daughter and provide the world with a safe alternative to harmful products. She turned her energy into research, and that research into Primal Pit Paste. She believes that through Primal Pit Paste, she’s succeeded in making a healthy, organic deodorant that actually works for all types of moms, dads, kids and athletes alike.
  • Her mission: is to “provide you with a truly natural and organic deodorant that not only works but is actually good for you! lav_Stick__27583.1415811144.1280.1280By spreading awareness of the known harmful chemicals and potential dangers in personal care products we hope you will Go Primal and spread Primal Pit Paste on your Pits!”
  • All products are handcrafted and made in smaller batches, so please allow up to 5 business days for your order to be prepared and fulfilled.

The Giveaway

  • It’s simple!  Just go to our page at 5p.m. PST on Thursday November 20th and you will see a brand new post.  Just comment underneath with your answer!
  • Three winners will be chosen to receive $25 gift certificates to go shopping at http://primalpitpaste.com/
  • This contest is open to everyone, worldwide!

See you on Thursday! ~ Colleen

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