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Aaron’s Story – Coping with Crohn’s Disease | Low FODMAP Diet by FODMAP Life
Here is a Aaron Blocker in the hospital on Fe. 9th: "At the hospital. Crohn's flaring and possible appendicitis. Just living the #IBD life that we all know so well."

Here is a Aaron Blocker in the hospital on Feb. 9th: “At the hospital. Crohn’s flaring and possible appendicitis. Just living the #IBD life that we all know so well.”

FODMAP Life is about bringing people together, supporting one another and educating all about the FODMAP Diet, what it’s like for anyone to have digestive disorders and how they cope through various means.  If you would like to submit your story, please submit at least 200 words, plus a short bio and a photo of yourself to: itsafodmaplife {at} gmail {dot} com.

Coping with Crohn’s Disease

In September 2009 I had just started college and I was in between classes when I received a call from my grandmother telling me the doctor had called and had the results from some tests I had run on me to see why I was so sick, I had been waiting almost 3 weeks for any kind of news on what was going on. My grandma told me that the doctor had confirmed what she expected; I had Crohn’s Disease. I really did not know much about it and only months before had I ever even heard of the word Crohn’s Disease, so when I was diagnosed it was kind of a shock but it was also a relief to know why I was so sick. It has been almost 5 years since my diagnosis and I have been hospitalized 12 times, developed osteoporosis and broke multiple bones, Developed OsteoNecrosis of the hips and had both of my hips totally replaced almost 2 years ago when I was 20 years old and live in the doctor’s office. Going through all of that at such a young age has had a huge impact on my life, and on my friends and families lives.

I have had to learn how to cope with all of it and not let it get me down and depressed so that I can still lead a very normal life. Right after I was diagnosed I was desperate to meet people who had the same illness as me, so of course I started looking online and for any resources that might connect me with similar people. I found very few resources at the time and only came across a few little message boards and things. So I decided to start a facebook page where people could like the page and discuss what was going on and it would give me an opportunity to meet people as well. So I started the page named Support Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. This page has been the biggest coping mechanism for me! I get to meet people and discuss our diseases and the similarities, get tips on how to handle things and also give tips. It has opened many doors for me to go speak at conferences and do posts for websites such as this one and even driven me to continue my college education to pursue a degree in immunology to research Crohn’s Disease. My page now has over 15,000 likes and I am looking to turn it into a non-profit foundation to help people who have this disease.

I also have a really good support system that helps me deal with this illness. I have an amazing wife who is the most supportive person I could have in my life and looks past my disease to be with me and take care of me.

I also have some really great friends and family members that come stay with me every time I am hospitalized and keep up with how I am doing and help me in any way possible. I am very grateful for everyone in my life and the support I get, because I know some people are not so lucky when it comes to this.

it takes guts facebookI currently do not utilize the Low Fodmap Diet but I actually made a food diary of what foods I can and cannot eat and I use that as my reference for eating and managing my symptoms. I do not eat anything that has a lot of sugar in it such as candy or sweets, I have cut all of that out of my diet. I do not eat any fried foods, I bake or grill all of my  meats such as chicken or steak etc. I stay away from dairy, I use almond milk or lactose free milk when I need to use any milk products, I also do not eat eggs. Keeping to a pretty basic set of rules like this helps me maintain a good balance and helps with my disease symptoms. I am currently looking into transitioning into the Low Fodmap Diet to see how that will help me better my dieting and issues that come along with eating the wrong foods.

If I was never diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease I would not be where I am today, it turned my life upside down and has beaten me down sometimes, but I have always and will continue to get back up and continue pursuing my dreams and trying to raise awareness for this disease and to try and make a difference for people who also suffer from this condition. If you would like to check out my page or blog you can find me at: www.facebook.com/ItTakesGuts mylifewithcrohns.blogspot.com

– Aaron Blocker.

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